Curved Glass

Curved Glass

Curved Glass


Curved glass was originally conceived at the beginning of the 20th century to provide architects and designers with new ways to bring functionality, elegance and added value to their projects. Curved annealed glass is manufactured by slowly heating flat glass up to the softening temperature when the flat panel starts slumping by gravity on the customized mold. Once the desired geometry has been achieved, starts the slow cooling of glass known as “annealing”, a key process as it will determine the visual and structural properties of the final product.


Curved annealed monolithic glass is nowadays mainly used in interior and industrial design:

• Home and professional lighting Furniture (tables, counters, etc.)

• Display cabinets and glass showcases

• Office partitions

• Refrigerated display cases

• Safety convex street mirrors

• Rear-view mirrors Advantages What makes curved glass so unique is its versatility, opening up to endless structural possibilities.

Types of glass

• Several colours available

• Types of glass which can be curved: regular float, extra-clear, body-tinted glass, reflective glass and low-E (pyrolytic/hard and new generation magnetronic-soft coatings)