About Us

Created in 2014, IKT Global together with Intermexim S.L. they are dedicated to the supply of construction materials, it was created with the purpose of providing our clients with an intelligent way of working.

Our only goal is to get the best possible products for our customers: laminated glass, tempered glass, fiberglass reinforcement geotextiles and waterproofing products, always looking for the best quality and the best product as cheap as possible. First Quality and First Price in this order.

IKT Global and Intermexim S.L. They are nourished by the long international experience that CSK Group has, a group composed of different companies specialized in different fields of the construction industry. This business organization allows us to face multiple construction projects with total guarantee, especially being able to provide a very cheap high quality product in laminated glass, tempered glass and fiberglass reinforcement geotextiles. With regard to our waterproofing products, we have the best in the market.

Within the company there are three distinct business paths: the laminated glass, tempered glass, opacified glass and digitally printed glass sector; the glass fiber reinforcing geotextiles sector and the waterproofing materials sector. As always, First Quality and First Price, that is: the best product as cheap as possible.

In all cases, our goal is to provide our customers with tools and solutions to maximize their resources and thus increase their profits. Thus we achieve a high degree of satisfaction on your part, creating a long and fruitful relationship with them.

In short, we are a company whose objective is to completely satisfy the requests of all our clients, helping them to undertake their projects with our products of First Quality at Prices as cheap as possible.