Enamelled Glass

Enamelled Glass

Enamelled Glass


Enamelled glass is a type of glass that conceals structural building components, such as columns, floors, air conditioning systems, electrical siringe, plumbing, etc. Enamelled glass is placed between plants, between viewing glass areas.
The designs of curtain wall and structural glazing often require the use of enamelled glass for uniformity of view.

Enamelled glass applications may be of a similar colour or contrast with vision glass. This type of glass must be heat treated to prevent breakage by thermal shock.

IKT Glass has extensive experience in applications on enamelled glass. You can help architects and building owners to get the look they want, and at the same while reducing the risk of thermal stress breakage. When vision glass with low reflectivity or high light transmission is used, achieving Match exact enamelled is not easy. The daylight conditions can substantially affect the manner in which the perceived appearance of the glass.

For example, on a clear day much sun, give conditions highly reflective vision and can look good coincidence between both types of glass. However, on a cloudy day, there may be more visual transmission from the exterior and more contrast between the vision glass and enamelled. IKT Glass recommends the use of models ladder on the outside, in order to choose the most appropriate enamelled glass for each project.

Enamelled glass spandrel glass may be a layer without a spandrel with a reflective layer or insulating glass unit with solar control glass on the outside and a spandrel without layer on the inside.