Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass

Our force, Price. Our commitment, Quality.

We specialize in laminated and tempered glass. From here our range of products in laminated glass: Lamikt®; tempered laminated glass: Lamikt® Tempikt®; laminated in Transmatt® matte and tempered glass: Tempikt®.

Always with the highest product quality and the best market price, we seek to meet the needs of our customers by providing our experience in the sector, delivering top quality product at the best prices in the market, which translates into being a company of reference in the European market of laminated and tempered glass.

We have quality controls of the highest demand that guarantee the delivery of the best product. Our team and our facilities are to meet the needs of our customers.

It is a glass especially suitable for safety railings, railings that thanks to our high product quality and our cheapest prices will be a will be a sure success in your constructions.

Laminated glass consists of the union of several sheets of glass by an intermediate film made with polyvinyl butyral (PVB). It also receives the name of safety glass, although this is only one of the types that exist in the market and not All safety glass (such as tempered) is usually laminated. This sheet can be transparent or translucent, colored (the colors can be applied directly on the squirrel of the glass although it is usually preferred to color the PVB or EVA sheet or the resin) and include practically everything: patterned paper, LEDs, etc.

They can also receive an acoustic and solar control treatment. This sheet gives the glass additional security against breakage, as the pieces are attached to it.

Windshields or anti-theft and bulletproof glass belong to this type of glass. This flexibility allows making laminated glass an indispensable element in contemporary architecture and design.

Autoclave is required for the PVB film process. For the EVA film process, a vacuum chamber and a low temperature oven (115-120 degrees Celsius) are required.