IKT Waterproofing

IKT Waterproofing

IKT Waterproofing

IKT Waterproofing is one of our 3 divisions and was born from the collaboration of IKT Global and GCP, the latter manufacturer and world leader in the specialized waterproofing sector, with IKT Global being the Distributor for the Spanish market. The basis of our cold application products is the most advanced engineering in MMA (methyl methacrylate).

Our products include the following families:

BRIDGE MASTER® Waterproofing:
Combined waterproofing and non-slip system for structures, treads and bridge pillars.

DECSEAL® Waterproofing:
Waterproofing, anti-slip and surface decoration system for all types of car parks and pedestrian areas.

ELIMINATOR ® Waterproofing:
Seamless waterproofing for covers of road bridges and railway bridges.

INTEGRITANK® Waterproofing:
Structural waterproofing for shopping centers and residential buildings.

INTEGRITANK® Waterproofing + INTEGRITANK ® Accessories:
Liquid waterproofing membrane for flat roofs, parking roofs, green roofs and decorative flooring for parking lots, pedestrian areas and bike paths.

PERMARE® Waterproofing:
Waterproofing membrane for deposits and coatings.

SAFETRACK® Flooring:
Non-slip flooring, colored non-slip flooring and sealing systems for cracks and joints in the treads and any construction surface.

SENTINEL® Expansion Joints:
Expansion joint system for roads, highways, pedestrian areas, bike paths, decks, airports and railways for movements from 5mm to 220mm.

For more information about these products you can visit the GCP website: