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IKT Waterproofing is one of our 3 divisions and was born as a result of the collaboration of IKT Global and Stirling & Lloyd, this last one is an experienced manufacturer and world leader in the specialized field of waterproofing and IKT Global is the exclusive distributor for the Spanish market. The basis of our products, which are cold applied, is the most advanced engineering in MMA (methyl methacrylate).

Our products range is:

BRIDGEMASTER® Waterproofing:

Combined waterproof wear course for bridge decks & trafficked substrates.

DEACSEAL® Waterproofing:

Car parkdeck waterproofing & surfacing for MSCPs, parking decks & pedestrian areas.

ELIMINATOR® Waterproofing:

Seamless bridge deck waterproofing for road and rail bridges.

HYTEC® Waterproofing:

Sheet waterproofing for rail and loose/friable substrates.

INTEGRITANK® Waterproofing:

Structural waterproofing for commercial & residential buildings

INTEGRITANK®INTEGRITANK® Accessories Waterproofing:

Durable waterproofing solution for inverted flat roofs, car park deck, green roofs, pedestrian accessed flats roofs, etc.

METASET® Waterproofing and Structural Protection:

Rapid hardening repair mortars for concrete, stone and asphalt surfaces.

PERMARE® Waterproofing:

High performance tanking & lining membrane for waste & liquid contanment structures.


Skid/slip resistant surfacing and crack & joint sealing systems, coloured surfaces and high performances line marking.

SENTINEL® Expansion Joint Systems:

Expansion joint systems for roads, highways, pedestrian zones, bike lane and railway from 5mm to 220mm

For more information about these products please visit the website of Stirling & Lloyd: