IKT Global | Silkscreen



Glass on which an original motif is placed by means of Silkscreen (a fabric screen) using opaque or translucent enamel which is baked quickly at high temperatures and later tempered. This procedure confers extraordinary stability and makes the glass long-lasting. It has the same properties as tempered glass.

The flexibility of Silkscreen techniques allows for a host of creative possibilities. We can produce all types of decorative motifs to meet the customer’s needs, ranging from single- or multi-coloured prints to repetitive patterns –dots or lines– letters and logos that give the glass the added value of an image with its own unique aesthetic.


Silkscreen is practically inalterable due to climate changes and direct sunlight. It has the same properties as tempered glass.


Its resistance to impact depends on the enamelled surface, the thickness of the enamels, expansion, etc.


It checks the effects of sunlight. Privacy.


Manufactured in the full range of colours. Applications in interior and exterior design. Either standard or personalised motifs can be made in a variety of opaque and translucent tones.

Recommended applications

In indoor conditions it can be used to make doors, partitions, railings, shower doors and furniture. Outdoors it can be used for urban furniture.