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Curved Tempered Glass

Curved tempered glass is produced throughout a process of heating, bending and a final stage of fast cooling, known as quenching. As a result, the molecular structure of the material is altered and high compressive stresses appear on the glass surfaces, improving its resistance to mechanical, compressive and impact stresses onto the glass.


• Façades
• Skylights
• Doors
• Parapets
• Shopfronts
• Partitions
• Balustrades


• Smaller risk of breakages due to thermal shock
• Greater resistance to mechanical stress (wind, snow loads, etc.)
• Ideal for point fixing systems
• It breaks into small and inofensive pieces
• Top-optical quality glass in reflection and refraction
• Eliminates tong marks
• Unaltered tempered glass physical properties (Young modulus, optical properties, thermal conductivity, specific heat, linear coefficient of thermal expansion, etc.)

Types of glass that can be curved and toughened:

• Regular float, extra-clear, body-tinted glass, acid etched and screen-printed
• Solar control glass, low emissivity and selective coatings (pyrolytic/hard and new generation magnetronic-soft coatings)
• Some rolled and cast glass, depending upon their pattern and texture depth
• Dichroic and non-reflective glass.