About Us

Recently created, IKT Global is part of the Russian group (www.csk-group.ru) and is dedicated to supplying building materials, it was created to provide our customers a smart way to work.

Our only goal is to get for our customers the best products at the best price.

IKT Global thrives on long international experience owned by CSK group, which is composed by different specialized companies in different fields of construction world. This organization allows us to confront many different construction projects effectively.

IKT Global is clearly concentrated in three different business lines: 1- Glass Sector. 2- Reinforcement geotextiles sector and 3-Waterproofing materials and applications sector.

In all these sectors, our goal is to provide our customers with tools and solutions to optimize their resources and to maximize their benefits. Thanks to that we achieve a high degree of satisfaction and that results in a long and fruitful relationship with them.

Internationally, CSK-Group and IKT Global as an extension has offices in Rusia and Spain.

IKT Global is the official Distributor in Spain of Texinov (www.texinov.fr) (french factory leading the world of the highest quality reinforcement geotextiles) and Stirling&Lloyd (www.stirlinglloyd.com) (world market leaders of waterproofing materials).
This is specially remarkable as both brands are leaders in terms of quality and technical specifications in their respective fields. In addition, we have a technical department which is able to advise our customers, suggesting the most appropriate technical solution for each project.

In this way, we get to serve each customer in a personalized way, giving them exactly what they need and always at the best price.

In short, we are a company whose objective is to fully satisfy the request of our customers, helping them to undertake their projects in an effective and optimized way.